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F-16 jets intercept small plane as Obama leaves LAX

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Two F-16 fighter jets intercepted a small private plane that violated restricted airspace Friday as Air Force One was about to depart LAX. ( עוד...

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Victor Tango 4
It is the pilot's responsibility to check NOTAMS and TFRs before departure, whether it's a VFR or IFR local or cross country flight.

He won't forget that anytime soon !
That could ruin your whole day!! Lol
Lloyd Boyette -4
How could he have known? Sounds to me like a private pilot flying VFR and not knowing that the President of the United States was departing at that time. Also, the F-16s could have just vectored him away talking to the pilot on UNICOMM instead of forcing him down.
Toby Sharp 3
by calling Flight Service like we all do/should before EVERY flight to check for TFR's, NOTAMS, and Wx
TFR's are about as dangerous as thunderstorms. CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
preacher1 1
Sounds to me like the folks on the ground wanted to talk to him, as far as the forcedown. As far as the rest of it, looks like Toby & Thrusst have answered you well.

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