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What Happens When You Eject Out Of A Jet At 800 MPH

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In a training exercise gone wrong back in 1989, Capt. Brian Udell had to eject at from his F-15 travelling at supersonic speeds. The force of the air on his body was so strong that it nearly killed him. Here is Udell explaining what happened. The wind tore his helmet off, broke every blood vessel in his head and face, dislocated his left elbow so that it was pointed backwards and snapped both of his legs in half. His lips were so swollen that they "fit into the first three fingers of [his]… ( עוד...

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Ian Kaye 2
jhakunti 2
jmilleratp 2
jmilleratp 2
That is 100% completely insane! How you could survive that is beyond belief! Thank heavens he made it through and could see his family again. I can only imagine the story behind his extensive medical care and rehabilitation.
John Schaeffer 2
Brian was one of my students at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. He was one of the best students I ever could show him a maneuver once and he would nail it after that. He is a solid dude, Texas born and bred. He is now a Captain here at Southwest and an inspiration. God had big plans for him.
Elizabeth Robillard 1
This makes my day to see he went on in aviation. Thank you.
Doug Rositzke 2
Great story, to hear the emotion in his voice at the possiblity of maybe losing his family and losing his weapons officer is very touching. These guys are awesome human beings and we should be proud they represent the United States.
Brian Bishop 2
Wonder what the shockwave a supersonic flailing human body looks like?

Amazing story!
Elizabeth Robillard 3
There is film of ejects. Basically a ragdoll.
Tkrahlin 3
No disrespect meant - God bless Capt. Udell - but I know how these guys can be.
Do you think he got the call sign "Noodle" after this accident?
Elizabeth Robillard 0
Tkrahlin...can't believe you put that in print. Lucky you have not either been in an ejection or seen one up close. I have and neither guy survived; so think twice with your "noodle" before you share your humor, OK?
Rebecca Ames 1
This broke my heart....... God Bless you......
I remember seeing this in a documentry some years back on T.V. and this is one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard.In thhis documentry Capt.Udell was told by the Doctors that he would never fly again and what followed was the greatest story of determination to not only walk again but to get back in the cockpit.Along with him the whole time through this very very painful process was his wife.
The sad part though is the fact that his back seated Capt.White was lost.It is truly a sad but at the same time an enlightening story of the men and women who serve our country
This posted before I completed it so I woulld like to say Bless all our military for all they do for us.
Here is a link to a article about Capt.Udell.
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Living in N.C. at that time and remember this. Sad.
alistairm 1
Two M-21 crew members ejected at mach 3.25 back in 1966. The pilot was the only one who survived.
Geoff Arkley 1
Inspiring story and a truly inspiring man. Any info on what went astray with the aircraft?
Sanky22 1
And he survived!
George Haksch 1
God bless him!
Jim Watters 1
Scary stuff. Must be tough.... all the best. Jim
To eject would be scarry .. To eject at that speed, and live to talk about it .. priceless. God Bless our US Fighter Pilos.
notaperfectpilot 0
I wonder it that is what also happens to people that fall at supersonic speeds while parachuting from space?!
zennermd 0
We should be finding out something late summer.
Gene spanos 0
God bless these fighter pilots.
Thank you to those who supported the Marine Air-Ground team
back then too.

Semper Fi
Mean Gene

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