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U.S. To Deny Taiwan New F-16 Fighters

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TAIPEI - Bowing to Chinese pressure, the U.S. will deny Taiwan's request for 66 new F-16C/D fighter aircraft, a Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MND) official said. Don't be surprised to see the Taiwanese turn down the retrofit and look to other suppliers...the Eurofighter, the SU-35 or 37 would be nominees. ( עוד...

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99NY 0
Go figure. A chance to earn some money abroad and support a long-time ally squandered.
canuck44 0
Built in fans in this administration, but suspect that has less to do with it than pressure from Chinese particularly with Biden going over there to plead the case of the dollar.

Taiwanese will need to strengthen their missile defense given the Chinese deployment of their new DF-16 missiles which can reach Taiwan. The Israelis will be a natural ally to obtain a head start on that technology. Missile technology to counter manned and unmanned weapons will give Taiwan the independence from the US that they need to survive.
Drag0nflamez 0
Wow, so now that the US is nearing their bankruptcy, they now can't allow the Republic of China to get new F16's to revitalize the economy, because of the People's Republic of China nagging? ugh.

It would be awesome if they bought the Eurofighter Typhoon, but we're having issues with production here... Sukhoi is also good, but I suppose Russia would be at their production capacity quickly... Correct me if I'm (probably) wrong.
Jayden Hakunti 0
You know America is past it's prime when the Chinese make financial decisions on behalf of the US.
Terry Isom 0
deja vu. Thousands of us lost our jobs in Texas in 1994 because G.H.W.Bush made the decision to Not let the Taiwanese buy 72 F-16's under pressure from China. Best job I ever had; and lost! I hope Israel does help them.
Drag0nflamez 0
@Terry: Israel & ROC have a lot in common, and should in fact help eachother (they get boycotted anyway)
canuck44 0
Israel has a history of making alliances with the pc outcasts. Remember back to the days that South Africa was developing its own arms industry in response to the International embargo. Israel provided much of the technical assistance to the South Africans when they upgraded their Mirage IIIs to the Cheetah D.
Much the same program would temporize the Taiwanese need to upgrade their current fleet while seeking a replacement.

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