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Vacation Destination Built From 727 Fuselage

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Thinking about taking a vacation to Costa Rica? Book a two-bedroom rental that's built from the fuselage of a Boeing 727 airliner perched 50 feet in the air with a scenic ocean view. Link to listing with photos. ( עוד...

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Daz Weir 0
See, I KNEW there was a reason WHY I was relocating to CR! Besides the moron who's leading our country...
pfp217 0
similar in idea is the Great Northern F45 locomotive that is a 'cabin' at a hotel in Montana.
mark tufts 0
nice way to salvage a plane from the scrap yard
captoscar58 0
Great idea, Ive seen this before but I always thought that this was located on the Northern coast of Colombia close to Cartagena or Santa Marta. This was an ex Avianca de Colombia B727-100. Look forward to staying there for a a nice first class weekend.
agg1930 0
My only comment is that the deck seems to be on the former LEFT wing according to the picture included. The Colombian flag seems out of place!

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