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Anybody know what this is about?

Delta maintenance flight maybe? - Odd callsign, sounded like "Janet". Just curious. ( More...

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Dan Keener 1
I saw an all white 737 at the Maui (OGG) airport yesterday that had no windows in the cabin, and had no markings, not even a tail number. I thought maybe a new cargo hauler, but wouldn't it have to display a FAA registration number?
B736? It could possibly be a "JANET" flight since it HAS been out in KLAS. EG&G operates these aircraft under that callsign to fly personnel to and from Area 51 reportedly.
PS - they used to operate an entire fleet of B732 aircraft, but recently upgraded to B736 since no one else wanted them, lol
It's an EG&G flight.. the ICAO code they use is WWW. I've seen them outside of the KLAS-KTNX area on occasion.. One was parked at KOMA when I flew back home. I'd rather expect it there, given the proximity to KOFF. In fact, I'd expect them around any AFB or area requiring that type of personnel.
Kira Andreola 0
JANET 736s are also seen at PMD (Plant 42 in Palmdale, CA).
@Kira - Yeah, look at this ones flight history...made a LAS - PMD run recently...
Brian Bishop 0
Ok thanks for the info. But now I'll display my ingorance.....EG&G ?? - "Janet" ??? Please explain.

Why the two circuits around the southeast and back to ATL.
richard weiss 0
I could tell you but I'd have to kill you..... Old joke but still funny
Brent Ludens 0
EG & G is a government contractor, supplying a number of aircraft and pilots. As noted above, flew mostly B732 but recently upgraded to B736. They also have a couple of King Air's as well, last I was aware. They are mostly seen at McCarron Int'l (KLAS) on the south side of the airport close to Mandalay Bay Casino. Anyway, they fly what are reported to be civilian personnel who are employed at various points. Area 51 is one, as is Palmdale, CA, as well as flights to Edwards AFB, others (KOFF). The call sign is "Janet" and they are unofficially referred to as Janet Airlines. Google Janet Airlines and you'll see the planes...distinctive in their white paint scheme with a very boring red stripe along the fuselage.
Bogush 0
area 51 ? has anyone noticed all the new shows about aliens ( ETs) lately - are they coming out of the closet ?
PUBspotter 0
Delta will sometimes do maintenance on the USAF C-40s. EG&G probably has a contract with Delta for the maintenance. The only thing classified on these aircraft is the destination, and what each passenger does.
Brad Be 0
Guess you didnt play much Flight simulator?
Devin Mack 0
If you pay attention almost every Janet flight is scheduled to KTNX and diverted to their actual destination after leaving Las Vegas Class B airspace. Only the lucky 'important' personnel out at the NTS or Area 51 actually get to take the plane. Otherwise they throw you on an old school bus a 3 am. My grandpa worked at the NTS and did a few jobs at Area 51. What they were I don't know
al fredericks 0
the call sign JANET, is used as a name of a airline flying employees to/from las vagas to AREA 51. no tail numbers, windows, no i.d. other than this is JANET. IT IS A WHITE B-737 WTH A RED STRIP ALONG THE WINDOW LINE. its operation is just a little nafiarious.
sking100 0
Delta does contract maintenance at the ATL facility. It must have been in for a series of mtc checks or overhauls and these are just RTS (return to service) flights.
Brian Bishop 0
Wow guys, thanks for the education. I knew this program existed and all that but just never ran into any of it, especially here in the southeast. And no I don't "play" much FSX - I have it but use it for more serious flight sim stuff. From the flight path I thought it looked like a maintenance flight or checkride of some kind, it was just interesting to see the flight ID and callsign displayed and had no clue what it was. I try to avoid the usual Area 51 / UFO stories on the so-called History channel. I knew I could get the low-down here from the experts!
chalet 0
@ Brian Bishop EG&E is and old "black contractor" whose activities go beyond transportation i.e. defense contracts about which normal human beings like yours truly will never know what they are about. They are now part of a huge civil-mechanical contractor called URS based in San Francisco, Calif.
al fredericks 0
as to the u.f.o.s stories, i have years of a/c knowledge and weather conditions. i have personnaly had 6 u.f.o. sighting as well as talked to air force pilots who have seen them an intercepted them. as well actually seen them on radar tracking 4 f-101,s to intercept. they made right hand turns. accelleratered at 9,000 mph. the U.S.A is the only country to deni their exsistance. i am not a know it all on this subject but know enough to recgonize a duck when i see one.
indy2001 0
Just to clarify a misconception that was posted as part of this discussion, Janet flights do indeed have tail numbers and windows. For example, see and The rest of the claims about intense secrecy and changing flight plans is true. (And the funniest FSX "mission" is their Janet flight. In addition to a bit of explanation via the commentary, you even get to dodge a flying saucer and see a couple on the ground. It's hilarious.)
gmaafs 0
Very interesting!! Thanks to Brian for publishing and to everybody who commented. One more thing: I assume the ATL-ATL flights were just check rides, am I correct? If so, can someone give us specific details on the procedures used in these checkrides that explain rapid changes in speed and altitude? That would also be very interested, I think. Thanks in Advance!!
vanbess 0
Could it have been a pressurization flight check on a 737 that had the repairs like the SWA737 look at the altitudes
Rich Brown 0
Saw a EG&G 737-200 in one of Delta's maintenance hanger's on my way to AirVenture on Sunday.
chalet 0
Ever since I learned about Groom Lake/Area 51 and that the government until this very day does not even acknowldege about its existence it has puzzled me as to what kind of destination is given in their IFR flights when flying towards Area 51, and viceversa what point of origin do they state. In the 50s the CIA/DOD/USAF etc. would board passengers at Burbank and USAF C-54s were used (in fact one of them crashed near the destination) and my understanding was the since it was Air Force planes the CAA would not dare to ask them about the destination but now the are using N- aircraft, what do they do. Can anyone shed some light on this, thanks.
Rich Brown 0
EG&G has been doing this for a long time, they purchase services from private contractors and dealing with them is like getting entrance to Ft. Knox, or dealing with the Israeli Defense Office in NYC very intersting operation.
Devin Mack 0
@chalet If you look up the Janet flights on FlightAware it tells you they're filed to KTNX (Tonopah Test Range) which is just north of the Nevada Test Site. Once they leave Las Vegas Class B they run off the radar and onto Nellis controlled airspace where they can then proceed to their real destination
chalet 0
@Drace33 Thank you for the info. It is funny, everybody and his cousin in this wide world knows about Area 51 and that includes the Russians and Chinese and French whose satellites must have acres and acres of photos down to the remotest corners so why would Uncle Sam not even mention it, any clues. Rgds.
Devin Mack 0
@chalet As far as I'm concerned the government could really care less about where it is, rather than what goes on there. It's an Air Force testing facility. In the middle of a war, or even during peace time, the last thing you want to be doing is giving others the technology or information you have, many countries have satellites, and high altitude spy planes going all the time so keeping new technology secret is key. What goes on there is nothing the general public should need to, or want to know about anyways
chalet 0
@dracer33 Well that is understood. Having said that I don't give a dime to the sightings of UFOs and the awful looking creatures that descended upon Area 51 only to flee at 10 times the speed of sound leaving foul smelling odors, and other Hollywood-inspired balderdash.
Patrick Murray 0
Janet is the call sign for the 737s that transport the workers and authorized visitors to area 51.
jackpotgaming 0
Just Another Non Existent Terminal
If you search for Groom Lake Nevada in Google Earth you get some surprisingly detailed pictures of what is apparently Area 51. There are what appear to be two Janet 737's on the ramp. Pictures were apparently taken in 2002 and there is one area that appears to be blanked out with desert landscape.
Yazoo 0
Sking100 has it right. The aircraft was in the Delta hanger for a few weeks. It was probably out on a post maintenance / acceptance flight. I did not see it in the hanger yesterday when I taxied by.
Kelly Holman 0
You guys should check out Annie Jacobsen's book "Area 51"...some errors, but heavily researched, and an interesting account of interviews from former employees of EG&G, Lockheed, CIA, etc. Cool (and scary) stuff.
andrew holt 0
Well its probably BC of the Lockheed Martin plant in merrietta GA which is in Atlanta BC palmdale is another Lockheed plant plus Boeing's secret plant if u looked they prob fly to Seattle as well.
Bruce DeMaeyer 0
Maybe they forgot the coffee.
chalet 0
@ kellyholman by sheer coincidence I watched last night a National Geographic documentary based on the book you mentioned including interviews with former workers. At the end they showed one of the white-with-red-cheat line B737s boarding passengers at McCarran bound for Area 51. I am ordering the book now, thanks for the suggestion.
Tom Critter 0
UFOs: Yeah, I have over 40 years of flying with over 30,000 hours from J-3s to L-1011, plus some military. Yes I have seen UFOs. By definition:Unidentified Flying Objects. They were flying, they were unidentifiable. Does that mean they were from outer space? An emphatic NO! Maybe ONCE, a very long time ago, a real outer spacecraft may, and I say may, have visited Earth. Until I see one up close and personal, standing still with a real life alien and not from some backwoods yahoo's description (which doesn't make one iota of sense)I will continue to ignore all the ridiculous suppositions that UFOs are from outer space. Come on people, use some common sense.
This is a after overhaul/maintenance flight. I have been on several of these on the B-727 and DC-8. The crew and the inspectors on board are checking the flight controls and general handling of the A/C. Its especially intrestering on the 727 when the pilot turns off the yaw damp system.
smoki 0
This is off thread but I have to reply to Tom Critter rather dogmatic assertions regarding UFOs. Tom, you need to review NASA's database of past earth orbital and TLI (trans-lunar insertion) flights dating back to one of the earliest flights, i.e. John Glenn's first earth orbital flight and his famous "fire-flies" which by the way continue to be seen to this day on space shuttle flights as documented in onboard photograhy. There are unmistakably clear tape recordings of astronaut's questioning NASA about the UFO's they are watching following them and keeping station. It became so commonplace that NASA tightened the screws on what could and could not be discussed on the open voice circuit. Older heads would dismiss rookie sightings during space shuttle EVAs with terse comments like "nevermind, disregard." To stave off the press NASA would always provide explanations about space debris or burned out rocket stages but of course none of those would engage in station keeping in deep space on a TLI. Your emphatic NO to the question of origin of UFOs is a direct contradiction to your preceding description of "unidentifed." If something is unidentifiable and flying how can you dogmatically conclude that it isn't or wasn't from outer space? Answer: You can't! That would presume at least limited identification or an assumption. Special interest test sites around the country continue to be the subject of unexplained UFO sightings with one of the earliest recorded sightings being the Los Alamos and Alamogordo NM Manhattan Project test sites where numerous UFOs were observed immediately following the first successful experimental test detonation of an atomic bomb, the Trinity Test, in July 1945. Those weren't exactly "backwoods yahoos" working at those facilities who recorded their observations. The Roswell NM incident remains clouded in mystery to this day largely because of the U.S. government's lock down intervention and direct threats to those who were witnesses to the event especially medical staff. Your admonition to "use some common sense" has reverse applicability. I too have several thousand hours aloft around the globe while operating military and commercial aircraft but I have yet to see a UFO. Nevertheless I don't doubt the authenticity of sightings made by otherwise reliable, respected and unbiased observers. Your acceptance of a possible one time visit by an extra-terrestrial spacecraft long ago presumably gives a nod to evolutionists' desperate to come up with a plausible theory of how life on earth began by a "seeding" from outer space after their theory of spontaneous genesis of life from the primordial slime has been thoroughly debunked.
jbermo 0
The older B-732's of EG&G - call sighn "Janet" -(ex Western Airlines aircraft)were contracted through the Dept of Energy. They must be long on tooth by now, as I have seen these very same aircraft back in the early 80's. . . No wonder they are looking into much newer B-736 aircraft.

About Area 51 - Please understand that Area 51 is just a very tiny section of the NTS (Nevada Test Sight), also known as Dreamland. The NTS overall is almost as large as the state of Connecticut, and it is fragmented into many "areas" that are assighned to differant tasks - area 22, area 51, area 132, area 256, area xx......ect.
tomkolduer 0
Since we're talking about UFO's and books on UFO's, one that I would recommend is "Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men" by astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross.
Troy Raiteri 0
I knew if someone brought up Area 51 here we go with the UFO theories...
Jacob Cross 0
Flights with the "Janet" callsign fly to Area 51 everyday.
Toby Sharp 0
Janet Reno has her own jet now! bah!
Tom Critter 0
Hey Paul. You couldn't be more off the mark. Common sense: how is it possible for all the many sightings of UFOs? Any and every thing in the universe has a cost. Do you think there are so many extremely rich advanced civilizations that they can afford as many trips as there has been claimed by the UFO cults? Not to mention the extreme distances and the cost to cover that. Plus the physics. And why hasn't a single one (UFO)ever made contact with someone other than a trailer-park occupant? It makes one wonder who is the real intelligence here. Yes, there have been "experienced" observers stating that they have seen "something"; so have I. But to go beyond the pale and automatically attribute that "something" to an advanced intelligent being's spacecraft is to fall back on that same thing you accuse me off. There is no reverse to common sense. You either use it or you don't. The military has been trying to deal with this crowd for decades but they can't seem to penetrate the obstinatcy.
MDinTV 0
I believe a bunch were retired Western aircraft and they simply took out the large "W" leaving the red stripe, which has stayed with them over the years.
"Janet" is the callsign for the gov. Contract ferry flights to secret bases & test ranges like Area 51
bob francis 0
Generally, the Janet call signs are govt. flights between weapons/research facilities such as Lawrence-Livermore Labs- Abq-Las Vegas area etc. They operate on a daily, scheduled basis, or at least they used to. Don't know if they are still operating this way, but I commonly would here the call sign at specific times of day. I understand the call sign came from the first name os someone's wife.
trfd 0
Janet is Joint Army Navy Engineering Transport or something to that effect. The planes are B737-500 series. Operate from the west side of KLAS. Basically Monday-Friday shuttle to work.
Jim Atkins 0
One of the things I like best about Vegas is the viewing areas along Sunset Road at KLAS- Janet jets, Sands Corp's L-1011, all kinds of cool stuff. Re UFO- ever notice that the people that spend the most time looking at the sky, amateur astronomers, and are familiar with bright planets and satellites, are never the people that report UFOs?


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