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JetBlue: 'Carmageddon flights' across L.A. sell out

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JetBlue has a suggestion for Los Angeles-area residents looking for a way to get across town during this weekend's feared Carmageddon event. Fly, of course. JetBlue announced on Wednesday that it would add two special round-trip flights between Long Beach and Burbank on Saturday (July 16), but fliers had to act fast to snag them. ( עוד...

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QuickBurn 0
Any idea which aircraft they are using? A320 or E-jets?
WeatherWise 0
Beech 18's...tight fit but beats sitting in traffic...
alexander brooke 0
A320s. The E190s aren't flown to the west coast anymore by Jetblue due to reliability and support issues.
Tom Sullivan 0
Yep. All of the flights are A320's.
Derek Hood 0
Alexander, for now. Rumor is they will be back on the west coast soon.
Barry Mays 0
How about the Wright Flyers? Faster than being stuck in traffic.
Mark Panitz 0
i think they should done lax-burbank too
HBFlyer 0
I was thinking about offering this service when I first hear about the 405 closure a few weeks ago. I fly private out of KLGB and if I had my commercial ticket, I would offer the same. I'm surprised it took them this long to offer something.
Skye777 0
I think it should be a regular thing! Long Beach to Burbank on a regular day still takes longer than 45 mins!
Wingscrubber 0
Looks like a new business model for cross city transit. Somebody should try it with little GA airplanes or helicopters.
jonathan sharkey 0
lessee, 45 min gate to gate, an hour to get to the airport, an hour in security .... yep, a real time saver!
James Coady 0
Except they'll have express check ins no doubt.
Ric Wernicke 0
Jet Blue did this to get millions of dollars worth of publicity. It worked. The traffic in LA is actually extra light because Metro did such a good job of scaring everyone. Los Angeles had a rotor wing and light twin airline to deliver passengers within 30 minutes of landing at LAX to anywhere in the LA metro area. CAB rules ment the addition fare was included in the ticket on long haul flights, and less than a cab on short hops. They could do this because of smaller passenger loads, intelligent baggage handling, and no intrusive security. When Jimmy Carter turned in his turd of a presidency, he signed the Airline Deregulation Act that signaled the start of the spin the industry is in now. This pounded the last nail in the coffin of the commuter airlines in LA. Now we are paying for bags, printing boarding passes, and soon you will need a chit to cover the toilet cleaning fee. Hopefully coach chits won't work in first class loo's.
Pa Thomas 0
A group of cyclists beat a passenger on this route today....!/search?q=%23flightvsbike
cavuto 0
love jetblue they are the best thing that ever happened
Chip Hermes 0
How does this work? You fly across the city to avoid driving and then have to rent a car?

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