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Audio/Video: Aircraft Icing Near Disaster

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ATC Audio of Near Crash from Icing with some various Icing Pictures. This is why you never fly in known icing unless 100% qualified for it. ( עוד...

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rick martin 0
The use of your autopilot is not a good Idea when in visible moisture and a temp. of + or - 5 deg cel. She side, I now have the a/p on. If you use your A/P monitor IAS, power settings and AP. trim indications closely. The controller should have given Heading to closest A/P and priority.
skyking1952 0
surprised that she wanted to continue on with more rain ahead once you beat the reaper dont give him a second shot.

StanDonahoo 0
We all know about icing, but until you hear this kind of experience it's hard to imagine how much fun it isn't. Out west the MEA's preclude going down intentionally; a double dose of no fun.

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