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Airlines struggling to find pilots consider lowering requirements for new hires

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As the standards keep going down, the quality has to follow. I have seen the "kids" going thru Delta flight school and it scares me. Give me the good ole ex-military pilot, not a pimple faced kid with rich parents. From the back of the plane: nervous. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 3
with low time co-pilots making captain sooner and low time trainess making co-pilot way too soon, imagine the safety implifications here. The idea of airline training acadamies having a rigorous training program becomes more vital .
royalbfh 5
Wow, All pilots with less than the "customary" 1500 hours are "inexperienced" Did the person writing this do a little checking and see what the standard was just a few years ago in the industry? no, probably not. Lets raise the minimums to make it much more difficult for aspiring pilots to get an interview and get hired then complain when fewer pilots have the required hours..
belzybob 2
The FAA set the minimums, not the airlines.
royalbfh 3
as is "customary" with the FAA they knee jerk react to an incident. The standard should always be high but that does not necessarily mean 1500 hours. By no means should a poor performing pilot be allowed to advance.

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