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FAA NOTAMS getting gender neutral

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The FAA is getting more kinder and gentler by getting rid of the man in its acronyms. ( עוד...

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mbrews 2
FAA is a unit of U.S. Department of Transportation, with ever-so-qualified Secretary of Trans. Mayor Pete in charge.

Are the FAA bureaucrats now expected to line up, and smartly salute, a priority for Identity Politics ?
linbb 2
This crap is out of hand every where for what reason? Some one threatened to boycott some mfg and started it. What is going on needs to stop most are so stupid.
Debriefer 1
Anyone notice: "According to the 176-page rule from the FAA,...."176 PAGES to say, basically, replace "Airmen" with PILOTS!! :-O
Wonder how many weeks it took for these geniuses to make the change?
Ummm...Hey, Eff-Ayy-Ayy, whatever happened to "Next Gen"?????
Torsten Hoff 1
jptq63 1
NO TAP makes drinking beer from a keg a bit tough after a flight.
Mike Mohle -1
Making changes like this should be highest priority of the FAA, and all Gubmit agencies! They all need to hire armies of legal technicians to fix this "wrong speak" ASAP! LOL

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