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El Al’s new owner: Eli Rozenberg, a 27-year-old yeshiva student from New York

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Eli Rozenberg, a 27-year-old New York-born yeshiva student who lives in Jerusalem, became the owner of Israel’s embattled national carrier El Al on Wednesday after he placed the only bid at a share offering at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Rozenberg’s Kanfei Nesharim company bought a controlling 42.85% stake in the airline with a $150 million offering. The state, which had committed to buying any unwanted shares as part of a rescue package, bought some $30 million worth of shares for a stake that… ( עוד...

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trembo A 2
bigkahuna400 1
I'm sure someome else is behind the actual money...
Roger Anderson 3
From another website

"Officially, while Eli Rozenberg, a yeshiva student in his 20s, had submitted an offer to purchase the national carrier, his father Kenny Rozenberg is said to be behind the purchase. The older Rozenberg is the founder and CEO of Centers Health Care. His son Eli had made a $100 million bid for 45% of the Israeli air company, which if accepted, would give him control of the airline."
I remember is was harder to get thru security going to Tel Aviv from JFK than it was coming back.
chalet 1
If the airline collapsed while being run by experienced executives, what can you expect if its CEO/owner now is a Yeshiva student.
James Driskell 1
Nothing like a whipper snapper in charge!
I remember all the FA were sleeping in the galleys. it was self serve most of the way
Peter Fuller 1
Best way to accumulate a $15 million equity stake in an airline: invest $150 million.

Seriously, these new controlling owners better be prepared to play the long game, it’ll take quite a while for El Al to get to the point of profitable operations and to reduce its debt load to a manageable level.

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