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Delta Passengers Stranded on Remote Island in the Atlantic Ocean for 12 Hours After Emergency Landing

A Delta Air Lines flight from Ghana to New York turned into a nightmare for passengers after it made an emergency landing on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. The passengers were left stranded for 12 hours at a small airport with no Delta staff, no food, and no water, while the flight crew were taken to hotels. ( More...

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Colin Seftel 3
From the article, "The airline also said that it was confident in the long-term performance and reliability of its Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engines, which power its Airbus A320neo jets." That's good to know, but what is the connection to this incident?
patrick baker 2
there are flight dispatchers intimately involved in communication with each airborne airliner from delta, and for them not to mention to delta management this occurrence for the oversight it turned out to be is delerection of duty both to passengers and the carrier. A further delerection would be either not having a policy in place for this exact occurrence, or having one, not acting on it to serve the paying passengers stuck on that island while the flight crews were properly taken care of. The hotel the crews went to certainly has catering and food service and trucks to carry the food and water required for the stranded folks,
patrick baker 1
somebody in corporate infrastructure has to step up and do a right thing , otherwise why do you have your job?
Highflyer1950 1
Ever been to Terceira, the US Airbase located there? The Air TransAt passengers seem to have made out ok, but then again they were Canadians? Americans land unannounced during an emergency and freak out because nobody will hold their hand. Even when scheduled, Americans land in another country, they’re dumbfounded that the locals don’t speak perfect english and scream bloody murder. 36 years, 102 countries and witnessed it all. Not everyone mind you, but a good number are just nasty.
k1121j 1
the customer service sounds about right now a days where customers are treated like cattle in general.
Highflyer1950 6
Well for making a pre- cautionary emergency landing dealing with a failed back up Oxygen supply, I’ll take
12 hours on the Island of Terceira, in the Azores and their 10,860’ runway. Beats trying to hold your breath at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Colin Seftel 1
No amount of oxygen will make the bottom of the ocean survivable in an aircraft, but it will save your life if you are depressurized at cruising altitude!
Highflyer1950 2
It wasn’t the cabin O2 that was the issue. I believe it was the crew O2 backup O2 that failed. Without crew O2 you will end up at the bottom of the Ocean or Land depending on fuel. But you're right, bottom of the ocean is only made for fish.


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