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UPS pilots won't fly if Teamsters strike

UPS Airlines will be grounded if ground drivers and warehouse workers go on strike at UPS. ( More...

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linbb -2
Sad to see when railroads got away with forcing train crews to suck it up or else by Slo Joe and his crew. Sad that thee is such a wage difference between pilots and mechanics for one since both are very much responsible for pax and cargo safety.
Eric Kulisch 3
Railroad workers got some pretty huge pay increases and eventually some sick days. If Biden had let a railroad strike and the economy tumbled lots more people would have been howling. Workers got a pretty good deal and it saved the economy another hit.
jeff slack 2
I respect your comment but it is seriously flawed; you don't read much do you?
Railways workers may not have gotten everything they wanted but they certainly got improvements and were not allowed to stop the country.


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