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United adds Tokyo, Manila and Taipei flights to cater to international travel boom

United Airlines on Tuesday mapped out another expansion of Asia flights in the coming months, part of its push to capitalize on a boom in long-haul international travel that has helped drive airlines back to profitability after the Covid-19 pandemic. International travel bookings surged this year, airline executives have said, as travelers seek long-distance trips they put off during the pandemic amid a web of travel restrictions and concerns about the virus. Airlines have been beefing up their… ( More...

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DonDengler 1
All these new routes. Nice. And that 40.4 pay raise. Hope the IAM and AFA matches.
Mpushefski 1
Waiting to see the full scope of the Newark reduction. Looks like the EWR<>HNL route is dead starting Aug 1st, but intrigued to see what else they will trim.
Rosomak 1
Don’t forget the emergency slide. I heard it was last seen in a Chicago neighborhood
rob strong 1
28 year old 767s or 787s? Come on, with United you know you're getting the oldest.
Lanny Word 1
Delusional much? 767’s couldn’t run any of these routes. As for the 787’s, most of United’s fleet of them are less than 5yrs old. If you want to beat up on an airline for milking the 767’s you better start punching at Delta as they have the world’s largest fleet of them and 757’s.
Well, at least by now, the maintenance crews will have sorted the Boeing "marijuana-build" quality and safety errors!


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