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Electric airplane towing concept could mean longer zero-emission flights

Magpie Aviation announced a novel new approach to electric airplanes on Monday. Today’s battery technology (including CATL’s new, more efficient one) severely limits the practicality of zero-emission aircraft, leaving clean-energy innovators with two incomplete options: flying a plane full of batteries or one full of people — but not both. So the California-based startup wants to tie them together, extending the rear plane’s range by hundreds of miles. ( More...

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Colin Seftel 5
Electric aircraft are coming, but they will be powered by fuel cells not batteries. However, don't rule out batteries for ever. To quote Nelson Mandela, "It always seems impossible until it’s done."
linbb -3
Give me a break give up on electric airplanes stupid ideas like this go no where but line the pockets of those promoting dumb stuff.
Torsten Hoff 6
I agree that it makes no sense, but it's aviation-related so that's why I shared it. Feel free not to read the article.
bentwing60 0
upvotes for this drivel, Oh the inanity, you squawked it!
k1121j 4
you sound like the people who would say no one wants a touch screen on their mobile phone. Technology will get there i'm sure of that.
patrick baker 2
that is a false economic assumption, for all the development, testing and certification flights are part of start up costs, they are expenses.


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