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The world’s longest flight spent more than two months in the air

Late last August, a solar-powered drone called Zephyr almost beat one of aviation’s most enduring records. The unmanned aircraft, operated by the US Army and produced by Airbus, flew for 64 days, 18 hours and 26 minutes before unexpectedly crashing down in Arizona – just four hours shy of breaking the record for the longest ever continuous flight. ( More...

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Lewis Tripp 3
Unmanned VS Manned. Quite a difference Should be so listed.
sparkie624 3
dee9bee 1
IF this were a crewed flight at 'a major airline' in the USA, crew schedule would have reassigned them to fly a tag leg to Houston..."What are you complaining about? It's just another three days".
sparkie624 0
I think a better version of this story is at:


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