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Southwest to Change Boarding Procedures for Families

Southwest is improving boarding procedures by letting families with children's 6 or under to board first, before A-list. Families would be limited to use the back few rows of the plane, or pay a fee to sit anywhere else on the plane. ( More...

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James Smith 3
All airlines are very inefficient in their boarding and unboarding philosophy. They should board the passengers in the rear first, specifically ordering them by seat from the rear forward. This will greatly reduce the people in the front rows holding up the whole line while they wrestle with their carry on in the overhead. That is the major bottleneck with boarding. Unboarding should then be front passengers first working the way to the back, which is what usually happens except for the few rude persons from the back who must get off first for some reason.
Mike Mohle 4
Put the kids all in the back rows together if they get to board first, and also close to the lavs. Poor FA who gets that section!
paul trubits 1
If you fly SWA a lot you know that the middle seats get filled up last. The further back you sit the chances the middle seat next to you will be empty increases. Now they are going to turn the back of the plane into a day care center. Damn!
Larry Toler 3
Would you suggest no kids under 12 fly? Seems like 9 times out of ten the worst pax seem to be adults. As an FA, the "worst" UAM I dealt with was upset about flying to Germany to be with her father stationed there. She was moody but didn't harass anyone.
That said, after my first daughter was 6 months old, my wife and Charlotte flew on my airline from DEN to ATL, via STL and RIC so all my airline buddies could see my first born, lol. She did fine. Charlotte is now a senior in high school (time flies) and she enjoys flying.
Owen Grzanich 1
The only problem is... if you have little kids and you want to get on first, you don't have to pay for A-list.
sparkie624 1
There should be a section designated for them to sit, especially if they have very young Children... Preferably in the back... Seems that parents of young children do not care about anyone else but themselves and thinks everyone should bow to them... Sorry Charlie... Their Kids, their responsibility! Parents need to be held accountable for unruly children - If I acted the way some of them do now days, I would not be able to sit down!
jmilleratp 0
If families don't want to use the back rows, they should just wait with everyone else.


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