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Dallas airshow disaster caught on video as planes collide in mid-air

"A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra collided and crashed at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow at Dallas Executive Airport in Texas around 1:20 p.m. local time Saturday," the Federal Aviation Administration said. "At this time, it is unknown how many people were on both aircraft." ( More...

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Robert Fleming 1
This was horrible to watch(the video) I'll be interested how this could've happened!
linbb -2
Then next time dont watch the video and also since you dont understand thing its easy to see why it happned watching both videos.
Paul Miller -2
It's so lovely to see these Airshows of course, but maybe it's best to go visit these old aircraft when they are left on the ground in a static display? and not risk them by flying in these types of shows any longer? because soon we will have none of them left at all in another 25 or so years.
Pa Thomas 2
They are planes. They fly. That is what they are for. Would you advocate never driving your old Corvette or Model T? They might crash! There are plenty of static displays. These planes can still fly, and should fly...just like that old Corvette or Model T should still drive.
bentwing60 0
I agree in principal Pa, but the WW11 warbirds,, have no source of critical replacement parts that are readily available on the market like they are to restore any popular vintage muscle car or mass produced automobile. The cost to replace dozens of fluid hoses for one engine on a B17 would be something of a shock to the average auto restoration buff. been Shoppin' at a Parker Hannifin outlet lately. Financials are always a part of the equation and in my long association with the CFM at ADS, CRM is not at the top of the heap.

Not that it matters in a P63! The B17 folks had no chance or choice.
Pa Thomas 1
I totally understand the exponential increase in costs/expertise for the older aircraft, given their rarity, compared to a mass produced vehicle. I'm just advocating for those who can afford it, as a group or a billionaire, etc...why not set them up and fly them?
linbb 0
Dont think you know as much as you think you do about restoring them. Some start out with there data plate only and many parts that cannot be found good enough to restore such as bulkheads and skin even many parts that can be machined from stock are done new. Ask any warbird restore person who has done one. Restoring a car is totaly different than any AC.


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