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These are the Top 8 airlines in the world, according to a group's survey of more than a million passengers

Another airline-ranking company has revealed its top carriers for 2023. The Airline Passenger Experience Association, a global non-profit, announced its global Top 8 airlines at its annual APEX Expo in Los Angeles on Wednesday — and not one US carrier made the list. ( More...

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Lee Withers 1
The same two words appear in 7 of the 8 descriptions; “Flag Carrier.” Does it make it easier for an airline to get a top rating if they operate with government backing versus having to make your own way?
jeff slack 1
Flag carrier does not always mean there is Govt money supporting an airline ........
JJ Johnson 0
Wow no Cattle Car American airlines listed? I wonder why? O it's the airline CEO's who make enough to buy they're self a personal tricked out 787 that is why.
avionik99 -1
If Wal-Mart had an airline they would call it ......Southwest
You see the same people in both so it stands to reason
ToddBaldwin3 4
You're free to have your own opinions, but speaking for myself, I'ave always had good service and experiences flying SWA. Within CONUS, for both personal and professional travel, I'll choose SWA.
Lee Withers 4
Do I detect snobby here? People do what they can do(afford) or what they want todo. You may be free to be critical of an airline, but it is not given to you to judge the passengers-or where they shop.
Roy Hunte 2
Maybe he's a Sam's Club member, both Sam's Club and Walmart we're started by the visionary Sam Walton. southwest was also started by a visionary. There is good reason why both companies have lasted so well.
Roy Hunte 2
Dang autocorrect changing were to we're!
godutch 2
Me thinks avionik99 is SURELY a snobbish mind...


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