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Emirates A380 flies 14 hours with a large hole in the aircraft

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An Emirates Airbus A380 landed at Brisbane International Airport on July 1st with a huge hole in its fairing ( עוד...

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David Pockett 3
As a pax and having flown many miles with Emirates and also having been a Silver card holder, I would have expected the crew to just turn around and return to Dubai if they could not confirm the origin of the noise, nor any damage it may have done to the aircraft. The ability to keep flying is not necessarily infinite if damage progresses to the aircraft. In this instance, I'd say "not good enough Emirates".
William O 1
I totally agree, I love emirates but I think this is a little disappointing.
paul tait 1
This makes me wonder why dont modern aircraft have external cameras so the pilot can see what that BANG was and also if that bang hit something important

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