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SpiceJet India: 'The plane began bouncing up and down like a ball'

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At least 17 people were injured on board a SpiceJet flight in India after the plane hit severe turbulence before landing on Sunday evening. The Boeing 737, carrying about 200 passengers and crew, was travelling from Mumbai to Durgapur. Amit Baul, who was on the flight, recounts the ordeal. ( עוד...

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Fraser MacPhee 7
"It was a warm Sunday evening in Mumbai"...??? this a news article or the beginning of a Jason Bourne novel?
Highflyer1950 3
I think it’s tragic that in 2022 people still don’t fathom that they’re in a tube flying at 500 mph with nothing between their ass and the ground, 5 miles below them. My old comment still applies, treat them like a Disney children’s ride, and force buckle them all in?
Greg S 7
MH370 wants you to know that turbulence only happens to Boeing aircraft. I want you to know that MH370 is an idiot.
bentwing60 6
Give it a rest You idiot, CAT Is not an exclusive Boeing 'feature'!
Cleffer 4
I've been involved in a situation similar to this, but not as severe. Flying from YUM to FAI, about an hour out at cruising, the plane suddenly dropped (free-fall) a few feet. Clear-air turbulence. The end of the fall was so sudden, the aircraft felt like it hit a solid surface. Everything that was on the bottom of the passenger cabin ended up on the ceiling. This included people and two drink carts. There were a few injuries, but nothing as severe as was described in this article. You'll never find me without a seat belt on after THAT.
James Simms 2
Similar thing happened to my flight two weeks after 9/11. Flying to an Army Conference, the flight was in the approach to ATL over the city when it dropped what seemed like several hundred feet but was probably only around a hundred or so. Being so close after 9/11, everyone naturally thought the worst…..

Previously flying into SeaTac during a Winter storm, again on the approach; the plane dipped left-right, up-down; & probably a few directions not yet invented.
scottiek 1
Keep your dang seatbelts fastened, ALL OF THE TIME!
linbb 1
Wow what a thought just in Boeing aircraft? You got caught on this one happens quite often on ALL Brands of aircraft. MH did it just because it was a Boeing one.
Ed Kostiuk 1
linbb -4
DUH you got caught with the need to post Troll, MH is the laughing stock of this didnt need any dumb comments like yours.
Thomas Craig 3
Haven't had your morning coffee yet?
scottiek 4
It's not coffee he needs. He's off his meds.
hal pushpak -4
Jeeez guys, lighten up... MH370 is only linking a BBC article quoting passengers' viewpoints. Those were not his words! Why all the bashing? I guess this Airbus/Boeing divisiveness has become as deeply partisan as politics. Both companies make good airplanes, with pros and cons -- and both make good and bad corporate decisions.
Greg S 5
You don't anything about MH370's posting history. If you did you wouldn't write this.
hal pushpak -4
Look me up brother, I've been here for over 11 years (even longer under a different handle) and watched this forum change over that time. Sure, MH370 is an Airbus kinda guy, but he shouldn't be hammered on for words that were not his. They were the BBC's and quotes were from passengers. I believe that if MH370 hadn't posted it, someone else, perhaps a more neutral guy like me might have. I just wonder if I would have been hammered as much, rather than the BBC?

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