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UPS coughs up $5.3M over alleged Postal Service fraud

Airlines are alleged to use fake timestamps on deliveries. ( More...

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bentwing60 5
Thanks Eric for removing the mandatory sign in, it lends the air of a contributor as opposed to an entity tryin' to make a nickle on somebody else's dime.
Eric Kulisch 2
I'm not sure if it was luck of the draw or we removed mandatory sign in. I didn't have anything to do with it, but glad it worked for you. Thanks for reading and letting me know about that too.
bentwing60 2
I have read a blurb or two on this and wonder if it will be the only 'shoe' to fall, I.E. FEDEX, DHL, Amazon?
Eric Kulisch 3
I guess anything is possible, but Amazon doesn't fly international mail, so probably can't involve it. But so far UPS, United, American, British Airways and Northern Air Cargo.
bentwing60 2
The depth of this has evidently not penetrated my sphere, so, do keep us updated as there seems to be no non industry coverage. Cheers
Eric Kulisch 2
Will do
sparkie624 3
Sounds like they got their hands caught in the Cookie Jar! Not good!
Larry Toler 3
I was wondering about that. Some mid to upper level management thought this was a good idea to make the numbers look good? Someone needs to be retrained or just fired and replaced by someone with more extensive knowledge on logistics. I understand more people have been ordering online way before COVID and there have been staffing shortages. There are many ways to USPS have used to get mail and packages quickly from point A to point B even using airlines. I flew for Trans States and we usually took mail. When I was in the USAF (that kind of goes without saying, one government agency to another makes flying mail cheap) anything smoking going from point A to B mail was a priority.
That said, with a lot of airlines cutting destinations that could be part of the problem with delivery rates. There may be an easy solution to this without having to spend a lot of money to solve this problem.
jim sisti 5
Wow, this is rich! So USPS is worried about late and misdelivered mail, as long as it is someone else's fault.And faked delivery timestamps. I wonder if they can buy some mirrors with all that fine money.
Hasn't anyone else had a package shipped via the UPS USPS last mile process? You know, that Amazon seller who self ships the item to you and the package is picked up by UPS and you get tracking updates and everything is tracking along perfectly. And then it gets handed off by UPS to the USPS for the "last mile" delivery. You get USPS notifications about it bouncing from sort centers to it being out for delivery. And you are alerted the package has been delivered, except it hasn't- it is at a postal center still awaiting your route person to pick it up. The next day you have an email from UPS confirming your package has been delivered. Obviously, USPS is scanning non delivered items ahead of actual delivery just to meet delivery deadlines, but it must be OK for them to do it??
avionik99 3
Its called UPS Surepost. It is the worst by far! I cringe whenever my tracking shows this method. It goes snail-mail by UPS then gets to your town where UPS gives it to the USPS system for delivery. That process takes and extra day and sometimes 2 extra days!! I send negative feedback to everyone I buy from asking them Never to use UPS SurePost ever again!!
Eric Kulisch 2
Interesting point.
btweston 1
Good rant, but it’s irrelevant. The charge here is that UPS specifically defrauded the Post Office so that they would get paid more money. The post office telling you your package is here when it is there doesn’t cost you any money. So… not the same.
jim sisti 3
I think you miised the point. USPS scans the package received from UPS as delivered (on time) and gets full pay for it. So in fact, it is the same level of fraud being done (for monetary benefit) by USPS as the USPS has fined UPS for.


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