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U.S. to inspect new 787 Dreamliners, says Boeing cannot self-certify

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The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Tuesday said it would perform final inspections on new Boeing (BA.N) 787 Dreamliner aircraft, and will not allow the planemaker to self-certify the jets. ( עוד...

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pat prendergast 4
what an inditement! the greatest aircraft manufacturer in history is not to be trusted, it must be music to Airbus?
ADXbear 4
In this case, I'm glad to see the FAA take back its final inspection process, Boeing has a long road to regain everyone's confidence after a rough few years, they should welcome the opportunity to prove they can self certify some day down the road, further airlines should also feel more comfortable with the hands on FAA inspections and sign off.
paul trubits 3
There are way too many industries that the US government allows to self-certify. It costs tax payers money to hire and train inspectors. This is what you get when you are not willing to spend the money to assure that our products are safe.
patrick baker 6
that clarification of denying boeing the privilidge of certifying 787's is way overdue. Boeing is untrustworthy, no adjectives needed. Untrustworthy. They build deficent airliners, unsafe airliners, with attitude to boot.

Mike Hindson-Evans 1
We shall be heading to the USA in May on a British Airways 787-10. First BA 787 flight to Montreal in 2016 on a 787, row 1 seats, my everlasting memory is everything constantly creaking and wind noise where the nose-cone and flight-deck merged into the main fuse.

Was it Charleston or Seattle (or both!) which had the quality control problem(s) in building Dreamliners? Sad to see a big American corporation on its knees but this has to be what we call "an own-goal" (aka entirely self-inflicted damage).

Hoping that the general standard of Boeing products will continue to rise back toward their desired "best in class".
Mike MacDonald 1
Bravo! Well said!
Another nail in the coffin of Boeing.

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