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Taiwan reports incursion of 39 Chinese aircraft in its air defense zone

Taiwan is reporting new large-scale incursion by China's Air Force into its air defense zone, escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait. ( More...

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Cleffer 22
Calling it. Simultaneous invasions of the Ukraine and Taiwan.
travistx 8
Maybe, but due to them being a huge player in chip manufacturing, Taiwan is exponentially more strategically important than Ukraine.
SkyAware123 1
nobody seriously believes they would just hand China these chip factories?
srobak 1
Well... we aren't exactly maintaining a defensive posture over there, and while our military might and prowess has slumped by orders magnitude since the end of the cold war - China's has only been hell-bent on massively strengthening and disciplining theirs. If this becomes a shooting war - we might stand a chance - but it will have an immense cost. But if it comes down to an all out war of brute strength and attrition - we're forked.
SkyAware123 1
I was more talking about the factories getting blown up if all seems lost. Creepy Joe won't do a thing to stop the chinese.
srobak 1
ahh.... well - I doubt the Taiwanese would do it themselves... they'd be thrust headfirst into a retaliatory genocide that would likely eclipse that of the Jews. If the US did it - then that would instantly set of WW3 on top of shooting ourselves in the foot along with our allies - since none of us have our own notable capacity in that industry.
SkyAware123 3
At least there will be some urgency to build them locally:-)
Let's call it synchronicity
mbrews 5
Double trouble ?
Dale Johnson 4
China is hoping Taiwan mistakenly shoots down one of their aircraft giving them an excuse to invade. It would be a messy venture for China and I think they know it. Imagine China attempting to land troops there, either by ship or plane. Envision a bunch of planes loaded with troops being shot down with missiles. Or troop ships venturing across the straights getting torpedoed...Taiwan is a formidable island to capture (by force). Cheers :)
srobak 4
Give Taiwan a handful of SAM installations and that will stop.
David Rice 4
Taiwan already has many, many Surface to Air missiles. Yea, having them seems to stop the Chinese incursions pretty well. Not.
srobak 6
Time to turn that stuff on, then. Nothing like a nice lock alarm to tighten the ol' sphincter.
AAaviator 2
For Taiwan & Ukraine, it will be "tough sledding" once the Winter Olympics are over.
WhiteKnight77 2
This is a direct consequence of the US leaving The Philippines (due to their politicians). Without the US there, the Chinese have seen fit to build bases in the Spratly Islands, islands that are claimed by 7 nations. With the US there, we had been a blocking force and now that we are no longer there, the Chinese have been able to flex their muscles.

The only sizable force that are nearby are on Okinawa, but that is still several hours a way and is most likely the only reason that the Chinese have not moved on Taiwan yet. The politicians on Oki need to pay attention as with the pressure to remove troops to Guam, they will lack the protection needed to keep the Chinese from moving on it.
srobak 5
Hold up..... we didn't "leave" the Philippines.... we were shown the door by the Filipinos after Clark got swallowed by lava, and we were told to shut down Subic while we were at it. They had already been trying to get us out before then - the eruption just gave them the excuse of killing the year-to-year arrangement we had with them. The European troops got the boot right along with us The US has tried 3 times since to get back, and has been declined by the local government each time.

A big reason for this is the resentment much of the male culture there has towards western men which the military presences brought there. It disrupted their cultural flow & dominance over the once-subservient women there, and resulted in a mass exodus of females from the country for more than a couple of generations, along with the entering of women who remained into the realms of higher education and positions of influence and prominence in the business and political landscapes.

It is a state which has only started to regress in just the last 10 years or so - and it is one of the driving factors of continuing to keep both a US and European military presence out of the country. Despite all this - to this day the largest number of legal immigrants into the US on K-1 and CR-1 visas are from the Philippines - typically 15-22k a year (pre-covid), and predominantly women. On top of that - there is still a very significant presence of cold-war era western military retirees who live in tight communities on the various islands in the Philippines. While they do venture out at times - they tend to stay within those tight communities, with their Filipina wives.

While the Filipino men love American tourists and retirees for the money they bring to the country and spend - they have equal if not more resentment as well, and they make no bones about making sure you know it. Have had more than a few explain this cultural rift to my face in significant detail. Makes me wonder if we shouldn't have let the Japanese just take it during WW2.

Of course all this was instantly forgotten after the typhoon in 2013 when they cried for US military help - resulting in a massive relief effort in the delivery of supplies, equipment and personnel - while simultaneously airlifting tens of thousands to safety - including a C-17 airlift of just shy of 700 people, which was the largest single airlift for a 17 until the Afghanistan exit debacle. How quickly we forget. And how quick they were to tell us to leave (and almost immediately deny another attempt to re-establish a presence) right after that.

Guam is not at any risk, really... a large chunk of our bomber fleet has been on TDY rotation there for the last 4 years - and has grown over that time, along with intercept squadrons and the west-pac cruises have altered their routes and schedules from years back so there is always a loitering fleet and another within striking distance at almost all times. Andersen is at it's 3rd highest troop count in history, after WW2 and the height of the cold war - having increased roughly 60% since 2014. There hasn't been this much hardware and activity around Guam in decades... and the ramp is constantly seeing significant activity, launching nearby exercises and hosting plenty of transient military aircraft. They are pretty safe there, right now. Safer than Taiwan or the Philippines, for sure.
WhiteKnight77 2
Notice I stated due to their politicians. I know when and why (Pinatubo being a big catalyst) we were not given new leases. Still, the fact remains is that without us there as a deterrent, the Chinese have no one to stop them from pushing their territorial expansion, which will include Taiwan.
srobak 2
ok - sorry I must have read that a little too fast. I thought you said/meant because of US political bs. :) All good - and you are right. Unless we park a fleet between there PH and also put some assets in JP - the invasion is immanent.
Carole Koviak 2
I’m concerned. I have a grandson there
SkyAware123 2
Get him out. HE won't be able to get out once the island is overrun.
srobak 0
you should have gotten him out of there 6 months ago
mmc7090 4
Stop whining and shoot them down you know the Commie Chinks would.
Mark Henley 1
That's probably what the CCP is hoping for. That's the excuse they need to invade Taiwan and point to the fact that "the other guy drew first."
SkyAware123 2
yep. And sooner or later it will happen
Don't depend on the clowns in DC to step up to the plate.
john cook 1
It's O.K. if it's just a minor incursion ?


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