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'They both want to build orbital reusable rockets, the difference is that Musk has actually done it.'

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GB News Senior Space Editor Eric Berger discusses how Space X is pulling ahead in the billionaire space race between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. ( עוד...

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Geoff Rowe 2
Bezos needs to stop having legal temper tantrums every time he doesn’t get his way and actually build an orbital class rocket. He also needs to fulfill his ULA contracts and supply engines or ULA and the US military will be in difficulties.

At this time there is no competition, it’s SpaceX or nothing!

Michael Yentzer 2
Musk has shown the way and good health competition is always good. I believe that the SLS will only fly maybe 3 times before everyone realize that the Falcon Heavy and a Reusable Delta Heavy can and will do the work necessary to return to the Moon, Service the Hubble one more time and Fix Webb if it does not get thru all of its deployment. Yes, the Orion will likely fly on both the Falcon Heavy and Delta Heavy a few times before SpaceX's Starship or spacecraft like it dominate exploration and colonization of the Moon and Mars.
Peter Fuller 2
Seems to me that a competition between billionaires playing with rockets is pretty much irrelevant to the aviation focus of FlightAware and this forum.
btweston -6
Musk is a carnival barker playing with his parents’ money. He’s like a slightly less retarded Donald Trump.
Thomas Craig 1
Be nice, this isn't the Drudge Report or a Trump basher site
Michael Yentzer -1
What planet you live on. Let's see Booster that have flown 10 times, over 100 boosters landed safely to be reused against. Only current successful Manned spacecraft in US inventory. Musk and Trump are visionaries that turn ideas into reality. The best of all is that Musk and Trump know how to make the money they have work and not disappear into worthless liberal and progressive insanity. Musk dream of making Space more affordable is working and outperforming the rest of the world. Typical liberal/progressive response, name calling.
djames225 3
And yet you also fell down the same rabbit hole with that comment.

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