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Stowaway Found In Landing Gear on American Airlines Flight From Guatemala to Miami

An American Airlines flight from Guatemala to Miami Saturday was revealed to have one additional passenger on board: A man who had stowed away in the plane's landing gear. ( More...

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Richard Chartrand 2
Unbelievable that the man survived. It s at least a 2 1/2 hours flight.
sparkie624 1
A Similar Article:
Peter Fuller 1
Must have been a tight fit: I imagine that there’s not much room in a 737-800 wheel well.
sparkie624 -5
What are these idiots thinking!
jim sisti 9
Def not safe, but he likely had more legroom than ultra economy coach seats, and he was free to fly without a mask.
Roger Anderson 6
When you come from a life of suffering and poverty, some people will do anything to escape.

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patrick baker 9
whoever you are, you are fully ignorant about life in central america. Five or more families own everything and are conspicious in their consumption. Jobs that pay well are scarce, infrastructure is spotty, criminal gangs have taken over local governing as the central governments are weakened, drug gangs run neighborhoods and recruit young kids to fill in at the bottom of the services, women and young girls are at deep risk for rape and other transgressions. The courts are tilted badly, the police forces are inept or uncaring. Yet, you in your FOX NEws certainty are full of wrong opinions and condensations. I'd tell you to read books about the situation, but you are not a reader.
Richie Lengel 2
So, apparently in your CNN (Communist News Network), MSLSD, Washington Compost, and New York Slimes “certainty” are full of 100% spot-on opinions and patronizing superiority that we should open our borders and welcome all comers from all over the world with open arms, including free healthcare, free education, and free transportation to the city of their choice. Oh wait… we’re already doing that! What could possibly go wrong? We’ll simply print a few trillion more to cover the cost of their room and board. Maybe you should use your far superior than thee reading skills to read up on the fall of the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and every other empire that got too woke for its britches. Let’s go Brandon!
patrick baker 0
richie, richie: overreating a tad. You would not enjoy living in most places in central america, especially honduras and nicuragua. Go there and see for your self. and search for a speck of compassion for anybody clever enough to risk it all to be among ingorant folks as yourself. I don't believe in open borders for the record.
Richie Lengel 1
Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. So typical. When someone has the audacity to challenge their lofty, self-righteous, self-perceived superior intelligence… go immediately to name calling. So smart. It must be difficult for you to get through life surrounded by such overwhelming stupidity. I may be ignorant, compared to you, but at least I know how to spell. Fortunately I doubt anyone is following this stupid thread so your secret is safe with me.
coinflyer 0
"condescensions" :-)
patrick baker 1
yeah, i caught that after sending, but i every once in a while write in homynyms.


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