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UK confirms F-35B fighter jet crashed

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The British Ministry of Defense Press Office confirmed Wednesday evening local time that F-35B Lightning II joint strike fighter jet from the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier has crashed. ( עוד...

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Frank Harvey 5
Good to read that the pilot got out ok. According to the UK Forces paper back in March 2020 these things cost the taxpayers 89 million pounds each, or 115 million dollars at the then current exchange rate.
Mike Hindson-Evans 2
Yes, the UK is supporting the US "industrial-military complex", ensuring that our flying kit can be networked to share intel and advantage across NATO partners. I agree, great to hear that the ejection seat functioned OK. We are hoping to the the price come down with future blocks of delivery but - as the USA is discovering with their fleet - the running costs are a bit higher than was forecast/promised.
Richard Allen 2
Someone leaked a video a of the incident on board the QE. The suspicion (not confirmed) is the rain cover was not removed and the pilot only noticed as he tried to take off and abort.

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