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Airbus completes transatlantic fuel-saving formation flight

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Airbus has reached a milestone in its Fello'fly project, which is designed to facilitate the introduction of formation flying into commercial aviation. On Tuesday, the manufacturer completed its first long-haul formation demonstration in regulated airspace, with Airbus pilots flying a pair of A350s spaced just 3 kilometers apart from the company's home in Toulouse, France, to Montreal. ( עוד...

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Wolfgang Prigge 6
There seems to be a misunderstanding on how this concept will work judging by some of the comments here. Maybe this info can help.
David Balcaen 3
Thanks for the link. 5% fuel saving is impressive.
Ken Endacott 3
Did the trailing aircraft suffer wake turbulence?
Don Whyte 4
Apparently it is a smooth updraft at that distance.
Firecul Firecul 2
That was going to be my main concern for this. No point saving fuel if the passengers are bouncing around in the cabin.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
I guess bouncing around wouldn’t “fly” with the passengers. ;)
blueashflyer 8
3 kilometers apart is not "in formation"
Mike Mohle 3
Just kinda close together, hardly drafting though.....
btweston 2
Yes it is, if they’re in formation.
What kind of a formation can 2 aircraft do ?
patrick baker -2
knowing that my airbus flight is a formation flight, for hours and hours, is reason enough to prevent a restful sleep no matter how comfortable the seat. When this silliness results in a mid air crash, the death total will be 500 or more. There are only so many retired blue angel or thunderbird pilots available to do in an airbus what they used to do whilst on active duty. We are not talking about overlaping wings, cockpits 20 feet or less apart, but most airline pilots do not have acrobatic training, must less close proximity experience. DUMB, but scientifically logical somehow.
Don Whyte 5
Pilots would have to be asleep to be in any danger from this procedure.
Firecul Firecul 2
No doubt it'll just be a new mode in the mcp. Let the pilots get close then the computers can handle it from there making corrections as necessary.
freedman6469 -7
If you are stupid enough to believe gthe politically-motivated doomsayers on climate change, then you are stupid enough to believe in "formation" flying of commerical jetliners.

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