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Austin's airport on track to break single day passenger travel record

Formula One Gran Prix brought thousands of visitors to Austin, now they're racing to airport to head home. Airport spox tells CBS Austin that ABIA is expected to set a new record for the single busiest day of passenger traffic. ( More...

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Bart Chilcott 4
Austin Executive is thee place to go! Best facilities of any class D I’ve ever been in!
It was a complete cluster “fluck “ In 40 years of flying I’ve never seen such unprofessionalism ….by the pilots. Combine that with a lack of proper planning by the controllers and the whole airport became one big traffic jam. To all you guys taxing out before your “contact ground at” time eff you. Those idiots screwed everything up with aircraft unable to either get out of the ramps or into the FBO. The pilots talked over each other, the controllers and practiced bad radio discipline. One Mexican register aircraft at Atlantic was whining to the controllers like a little boy who’s brother had hurt his feelings. The whole event was disgraceful.
paul trubits 2
Austin is the 10th largest city in the USA. It is 34th in passenger traffic. It is only going to get busier.
Phil Howry 0
Formula One Gran Prix is a popular event; fortunately, the 150,000 capacity racing venue is located near KAUS causing very limited traffic congestion impact for Austin residents.

As an observation, the very large cargo planes transporting the Formula One racing vehicles to and from Austin along with the FedEx, Amazon Prime cargo aircraft use "fossil fuels". In light of the current attack on the Texas fossil fuel and related pipe line and trucking industries, what size batteries will it take to power these cargo/transportation aircraft, how long will it take to recharge the batteries and what is the environmental impact of producing alternate fuel energy sources?
bentwing60 -5
The old KAUS was a great place to land in the middle of what has become modern day alphabet soup. Glad the race was a successful super spreader event, in light of the no mask attendees and the Lets go Brandon chants. some might miss the subtleties of erudite sarcasm to add to the reality of some great TEXMEX that is too far to drive for anymore!
avionik99 5
When less than 15 people out of 100,000 are testing positive I seriously doubt any super spreaders are left out there.
Cleffer 6
When do we get to call him wrong? Now? In two weeks? I'm patiently waiting...
bentwing60 -6
Jeeez, I put the sarcasm font right out in the open and you still don't get it! There ARE no, and never have been, any super spreader events in any world other than the deranged mind of fraudchi. Not your puppy Beagles friend. Sturgis was proclaimed a SS event by the modern day mengela, but not the very visibly unmasked oblunder b.d. party at his unsinkable beachfront property. The coof fraud is collapsing before their very eyes, hence the new push to get the flu vaccination too. They can't tell the difference, but Big Pharma always needs new jets, and a completely hypocritical oath medical community. So vote away, seems (show anyway) is the road to a guaranteed read for any comment, valid or not!
Cleffer 5
I don't see a sarcasm font. Better to add a "/s" at the end of your posts. That's how the kids are doing it these days. ;)
jena weber 9
Big Pharma and Fauci save asses, even the one’s the shouldn’t.

Steve Cutchen 2
"Shhhh... I've got this" --- Darwin

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Cleffer 3
John D 8
These people throwing the terms like tyranny and Marxism around wouldn't know either even if it was a tyrant or Marxist bullet transiting through their skulls.
Cleffer 7
I will say it comes from both sides and is laughable, especially if you have even a menial grasp on history. I mean, really? Marxism? Nazis?... C'mon. Just stop.
JJ Johnson -1
Musk just left California for Austin. He called the Democrats aka Marxists in California tyrants and idiots. He is the richest dude on Earth and probably one of the smartest. Marxism is closer than you think in some Blue States. It starts really slow and creeps in. Just ask the Jews.

Why do you think so many are leaving California for Texas? The Barbecue?

And trust me I know history.

'When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty"
John D 6
Texas: Our motto "We can fascist with the best of them".
Steve Cutchen 1
"When democracy is tagged tyranny, sedition becomes incarceration."


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