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Boeing 787 Dreamliner has new problem involving titanium parts

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It's latest in production slip-ups that have delayed aircraft deliveries, drawn increased U.S. government scrutiny ( עוד...

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avionik99 4
Can you imagine if Boeing decides that all these parts will be replaced? For those who do not work on aircraft you cannot imagine how difficult that job would be. These bit parts go in some horrific to get at spaces especially once the aircraft is built!
bentwing60 8
Three scariest words in the maintenance manual, "gain access to"!
sparkie624 4
Yes... Working in maintenance now for about 40 years... Yes it certainly can be!
sparkie624 7
Yes... and from experience it seems like they take the smallest parts, suspend them where they want to hide them and then build the complete a/c around it not thinking about access to it...
avionik99 3
I tell that story to newbies all the time lol. I say "they hung the control valve in mid air then built an entire jet around it" that explains the difficulty of its replacement!
Paul Gedge 3
Simple Flying also provided additional details:
Andrew Curran - October 15, 2021
Titanium Plates: Boeing Up Aginst A New 787 Dreamliner Issue

Article lists these 3rd party suppliers:
Italy-based Leonardo SpA
Brindisi-based Manufacturing Processes Specification (MPS)

Interesting note is the article is dated 10/15/2021 while currently it's 10/14/2021.
Difficult to tell sequence of publication and which news outlet did the work vs. repeating information other outlets published earlier.
Alan Macdonald 1
Maybe something to do with Time Zones, Don't forget the Americas are behind the rest of the world - might explain it. Pretty much how 9/11 actually happened on 9/12 in Australia/New Zealand
Jeff Lawson 3
More details here as well --
sparkie624 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Boeing Warns Of Defective 787 Parts

Boeing has told authorities that some of the small titanium parts that hold the Boeing 787 together were not manufactured properly. It has also stressed that the issue presents no immediate flight safety issues. The parts were made by an Italian company and sold to Boeing by Leonardo, a major supplier to Boeing. Leonardo no longer buys parts from that company (Manufacturing Processes Specification). It does not appear any aircraft will be grounded and any fleet action will be determined after talks with the FAA.
linbb -4
Was reported some days back.
Ichiro Sugioka -6
This article is more about rehashing the 737 Max story than about the 787
bentwing60 3
Not exactly!
wiregold 1
So you are saying it's still management. I believe it.
Roy Hunte 1
That is the only way they can flesh out the story.😁

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