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Ryanair ready to wait years for Boeing to cut prices, says O'Leary

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Ryanair is willing to wait years for Boeing to drop its prices before placing a big new plane order with the U.S. company, Chief Executive Michael O'Leary told Reuters, while he also downplayed the chance of a deal with rival Airbus. The Irish budget airline, one of Boeing's biggest customers, said on Monday it had ended talks over a new order of 737 MAX 10 jets worth tens of billions of dollars because the prices on offer were too high. "We're not wasting any time on those… ( עוד...

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patrick baker 3
The max-10 is ideal for Ryanair, perhaps over a hundred or more would fit well. If this was a poker game, we know what cards each has, and Boeing is fated to finish second best.
Mark Kortum 2
Using the media for negotiations. Might work. Might not.
william baker 4
Have fun waiting OʻLeary
John Steiner 2
Ryanair is such a poor customer experience that Boeing may not want to sell their aircraft to them. That would be great.

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