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An airline is offering more than $180,000 in potential bonuses to recruit and retain pilots amid a massive shortage

Pilots employed at American Airlines' regional carrier subsidiary Piedmont Airlines can earn over $180,000 in retention bonuses. Elevate Pilot Careers is Piedmont's new retention program, offering current and new flight crew members a generous bonus for committing to the company. The tentative agreement was made in partnership with Air Line Pilot Association, the world's largest pilot union representing over 60,000 crewmembers, and company management. Piedmont said that the… ( More...

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Phil Howry 18
It's about time the front line essential, overworked, employees of an industry receive bonus payouts for their skills and dedication; versus bonuses to overpaid senior executives.
ADXbear 11
Unbelievable! Sure wish this was around when I was coming up.. kids would be crazy to not go for these programs.. fantastic..
Plenty of (non American) pilots available all over the world.
Mike McDonald 1
30 yrs younger and 150 lbs I'd be all over this. Sadly I'm 62 and Type II so all I can do is watch.
Steve Ortiz 1
He, I'd sign up if they offered Free flight training and certification. All that can cost over $100,000 - meaning I'd go work to be a Airline Pilot for them if they offered to teach me to be a Pilot, for Free.
HenryOmodara 1
Pick me! Zero hours PIC, but very keen and could do with the dosh!
Put that money into paying for visas for Canadian pilots to come work for you. Highly trained and type ratings included. Why is no one looking at this?
Because Canada will not allow Americans to come there and work as pilots, thats why?
Do you suppose that they would take a 72 year old with 13000 hours as an FO?

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I’m 100% in agreement with you. 150,000 already dead and it’ll only keep going up. They’re trying to destroy the world and we must not comply!
So what? People die all the time. Covid or no covid. By the way, doctors tend to name everything covid. The government sends them money for all covid cases. Heart disease? Nah, thats covid. Influenza? Nope, covid. TB? That brown mucus and cough is covid. Athletes foot? Nope. Covid. Here is some cream to help. Acne? Nah. Covid. Halitosis? No. Its covid. The common cold? Nope. And on and on and on.
Also, In Colorado, They’re Counting Gun Shot Fatalities as COVID Deaths.
Yet the body count continues to escalate ?

Rich Boddy -4
The autism is strong with this one
paul gilpin -8
this offer won't be worth spit when the next aviation shutdown comes around. in a year or two at the most. gubermint mandated seating per aircraft. 50 on a 777.
john Gargiulo -1
They still will not know how to fly, they know how to play with the computer.
M20ExecDriver 0
Wait a few years until the last of the boomers are required to retire. The "massive" shortage will turn in to a reason to extend the retirement age to 70.


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