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SIA: no problems detected on Airbus A350s' fuselage

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SIA stated that it has not experienced the issues reported in media articles, in response to queries about Qatar Airways' move to ground 13 of its Airbus A350s over concerns about material degradation in the aircraft body. Singapore's national carrier had 55 A350s in its operating fleet as at the end of the last quarter. They form a core part of SIA's fleet. ( עוד...

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Jean-Marc Coursières 4
If Qatar A/Ws can't even try to "make a good bargain" with Airbus without having one of its pairs negating its efforts there is really no more ethics in this corporation....
Andrew Bain 5
qatar we can see straight through your delaying tactics.pathetic.
ExPatHere 2
I always learn something reading your newsletter… I was nervous about my upcoming SingaporeAir flight, but reassured by these comments. Thanks, guys!
belzybob 4
It certainly is sounding likely that Qatar has just used its 'aviation regulator' to bolster a contractual dispute with Airbus. Its a bit of a piss pot country.
bentwing60 -1
Another one with a seemingly bottomless moral pit, I wonder if Jeremy Powell holds any fiduciary, (stock), interests!

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