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United Follows Delta’s Lead, Removes All-Coach Jets from NYC Routes

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If the New York City area is in your travel plans, your flight might’ve just been upgraded. Over the weekend, United made good on its promise to remove its smallest jets from nearly all of its New York City routes. Beginning in late October, you won’t find a single-cabin regional aircraft flying from United’s Newark hub, as seen in Cirium timetables and later confirmed by the airline. ( עוד...

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Lewis Tripp 2
Robert Cowling 1
Good riddance to the RJ200's on that route.

And the Sun came up, again...
Robert Cowling 0
OMG! Only 1 flight attendant on the RJ550? How will the 5%'ers that would be on that plane survive? Only ONE flight attendant? So they have to wait for alcohol? OH NOESSS...
Larry Toler 1
From 19 to 50 pax only one flight attendant is needed. I worked both 30 pax J41' and 50 seat EMBRAER 145's. The flights aren't normally long but taking care of fifty pax.

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