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Amazon and cargo airlines are scouring the Arizona desert for old and cheap passenger jets to fly packages

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When consumers turned to Amazon to buy more goods during the pandemic, Amazon turned to aircraft storage facilities in the desert to buy more cargo planes. The rise of pandemic online shopping and e-commerce caused a cargo industry boom in the past year. While passenger airlines found themselves with too many airplanes, cargo airlines had too little and went shopping for planes being stored in the American Southwest. ( עוד...

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bbabis 18
Plenty of life left in some very good airframes. Get 'm back in the air with good crews before the single and no pilot ones take over.
gravity surfer 14
I agree with bbabis. In the mid 90s I worked as a skydive instructor at the now defunct Skydive Marana. During our rides to jump altitude I always loved seeing the rows and rows of aircraft at Pinal. I always thought it was really too bad that someone couldn't find a purpose and get some back in the air where they belong.
rctech1 4
Just curious! If airlines cannot find pilots to handle commercial flights and some of the fine pilots that once flew these crafts have voluntarily, or involuntarily, moved on who will fly these crafts?
ImperialEagle 1
If there are pilots for C-46's and DC-6's they will find pilots for anything!
ImperialEagle 4
Apparently Amazon is in love with the 763's. Great airplane for the money. Too bad there are not more A-306's available as those make a nice carrier as well.
If a market ever develops for lots of over-size cargo maybe the mission-limited A-380's will have a revival.
Nic Tanner 4
A380s cannot be converted to cargo. The double deck floor structure cannot be beefed up unlike the main floor of the 747 which is easily modified into an F variant. That's one of the many short-sighted product failures in planning for the A380 for Airbus. They put all their eggs in one basket to out do Boeing's 747. They did, but they still failed because airlines are dumping them while the 747 flies on in freighter form (and will for many more years).
ImperialEagle 2
Issues related to structural mods and weight involved or size-effect?

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