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S. Korea Eager to Build Aircraft Carrier as Tension Rises

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South Korea is eager to build an aircraft carrier as Asia Pacific tension rises. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 3
well, that will take a few years. Build the ship, equip it with qualified crew and pilots, buy a bunch of F35s and learn to safely operate those at sea. That little ego-rattling flag waving exercise is not so easily done. I like the notion of duplicating WW2 jeep carriers- small vessels with small numbers of aircraft. More survivable from chinese anti-ship weapons.
jptq63 2
The type of propulsion for the ship would be my initial wonder. Also view both fleet type and jeep type have – relative - strengths and weakness in comparison to each type. Beside the rivalry concerns…, I view a relative strength of 2 jeep like vs. 1 fleet like being able to sub hunt more areas….
sparkie624 1
same here... In my opinion it will be a Token Ship hanging round with ships from Friendly countries to protect it!
Nic Tanner 1
Pilot and ship crew training (and F-35 building) will be completed well before the ship. Staffing and onboard hardware are the easy part. Procuring the ship itself is the hard part.
ADXbear 2
Sell them some of our old Girls waiting on the scrapyard...
sparkie624 1
That is probably what they are doing.. Purchasing it piece parts and reassembling!

Coalora 1
The primary reason behind South Korea's sudden urge to build an aircraft carrier, a ship wholly unsuited to their isolated position directly surrounded by potential enemies and limited coastline, is that the Japanese are building them. It's yet another ego project to outdo their hated rival.

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