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What to Do If Southwest Cancels Your Flight

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Southwest says they will reach out to you if they cancel your flight. Unfortunately, they did not say when exactly, only “as soon as possible.” And if you’re caught in the June 2021 mess, it’s doubtful they will be able to reach out to everyone. Be sure to check your flights and KEEP checking your flights for changes or cancellations. They are first going to offer to re-book you to a different flight or a later time. And if you’re caught in the June 2021 mess, it’s doubtful they will be able to… ( עוד...

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Mike Hindson-Evans 3
Is it me, or does the first sentence in the linked article make no sense at all in the English language?
Southwest Airlines Cancellation: If you are willing to cancel a booked flight ticket then you must have to be proactive to go through the Southwest Airlines check-in process helps to change and cancel a flight ticket in no time. It would be good in case you feel like obtaining the policy in order to cancel a flight ticket and want a complete refund as well. UNQUOTE

And what was the "June 2021 mess" in the article text above?

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