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In Pictures: Inside The Boeing 747 Flying Mansion Private Jet

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The Boeing 747 BBJ is the world’s largest private jet. With only a handful of examples in the world, it’s a rare bird. Even rarer is the Alberto Pinto designed 747, a lavish labor of love that took the designers four years to complete. ( עוד...

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Jim Quinn 1
I think I wouldn't want to get off the aircraft once aboard! Beautiful...
Geoff Rowe 1
I’ve seen this a few times recently, this aircraft is, apparently, for sale. If your pockets are deep enough to buy it and run it.
bdarnell 1
What, no fireplace ?
chalet 1
There goes arab petrodollars and naturalgas dollars that they should have instead been spent in sending aid to poor muslim places in Africa and Asia.
Kevin Keswick -1
It would be nice to see actual pictures inside this 747 but these are CGI (Computer Generated Images)

The interior designer - Alberto Pinto - died in 2012. Pinto was famous for creating interiors for Mega-Yachts. Was this design ever realized in real life as opposed to a computer screen?

I don't doubt that such a jet interior is possible - it would just be nice to real pictures of it.
Bill Bailey 2
Those aren't CGI images, they're real. If you want to see them larger, here's a Polish site with more images, right click on each one for a larger image.

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