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A Fond Farewell: Austrian Retires Its Final Dash 8 Aircraft

Austrian Airlines has today bid farewell to the last of its Dash 8 turboprops. The final flight took place between Vienna and Innsbruck with a specially liveried Dash 8 featuring the words “Pfiat di” – goodbye. The retirement of the final Dash marks the end of turboprop operations at Austrian Airlines. ( More...

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I have always like the Dash 8 in Austrian colors. It did a lot of work for Austrian and I am sad to see it go.
sparkie624 4
Never worked on theirs, but have worked on a lot of Dash's 1oo's thru 400's... They were all great easy planes to work on that were a very reliable work horse
Tim Dyck 3
Here in Canada we still use Dash 8s especially in the far north. Good plane for crappy runways and bad weather.
Tom Brannagan 2
Have flown as a passenger on hundreds of Air Canada Dash 8 flights. Still doing the job, Iconic aircraft in this country.
What about the Twin Otter
Richard Haas 1
The Dash 8's that served Ithaca, NY were painted in United livery however, the engine intake covers (plugs) said "Tyrolean".
George Pepe 1
What a pitty. Everyone is retiring them. I may never be able to get on one. :( THEY ARE ONE OF MY FAVS!!!
matt jensen -2
Don't like any plane with a wingspan less than length
sparkie624 3
I never liked the -400, but the -100, -200, & -300 were very nice planes... Sometimes hard to work on as in tight spaces, but it was reliable and did a good job.
matt jensen 1
The 100 is a good example of width vs length. Then they screwed up the formula that has worked for decades. I still prefer the Dash 7
The Dash-8-100, -200, and -300 series all had wingspans greater than their fuselage length.


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