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Qatar Airways Won’t Be The Boeing 777X Launch Customer

Boeing’s 777X program has been beset with production problems. Originally slated to fly in 2019, delays have seen that pushed back to 2023. That has had repercussions among the airlines that have ordered the plane, including who flies the plane first. Qatar Airways recently claimed to have gone to the front of the queue, becoming the launch customer for the 777X. However, that is no longer the case. ( More...

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hal pushpak 1
Boeing became its own worst enemy after it bought out its only remaining domestic competition (in the commercial sector.)
Alan Zelt 1
Bring back T.A.
Until their investors either grown a brain, or a pair, Boeing will continue to be its own worst enemy.

Airbus has their own issues, but at least its not a gun aimed at its own kneecaps!


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