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The Disruptor? Meet The SE200 – A New Green 264 Seat Widebody

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A new concept widebody aircraft has been unveiled by an Alabama startup. SE Aeronautics (the SE standing for Super Efficient) have reworked the entire concept of an airliner, and revealed an innovative tri-wing aircraft that they say will have an 80% lower carbon footprint than similar traditional planes. Here’s what you need to know about the SE200. ( עוד...

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sparkie624 1
Anyone Interested in flying on this one!
Zachary Colescott 2
"fuel is stored in a bladder atop the fuselage" umm...that alone would make me nervous.
sparkie624 4
Look on the Bright side... You won't have to look too hard for a Fuel Leak! :) Maintenance Advantage!
mbrews 1
Like the old song - " Rain drops keep fallin on my head ... "

IMO would dub this design as - pie-in-the sky
matt jensen 1
For a short hop across the channel - maybe
Jasper Buck 1
Well, they have competition...


...and from Michal Bonikowski's electric airplane;

...and the Stingray type of airplane (based on the fish)

And so and so forth (ad nauseum.)


Capt. J J Buck

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