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Boom Supersonic Is Set to Launch the Concorde's Spiritual Heir

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Unfavorable economic circumstances, sky-high travel fares, and the impact of a tragic crash shut the book on the first chapter of commercial supersonic flight in 2003. Now, almost two decades later we are on the verge of seeing a new supersonic commercial airliner take flight, fueled by technological progress and the travel boom of recent years. "Since the Concorde stopped flying in 2003, air travel has more than doubled from 1.6 billion to over 4 billion passengers per year, indicating the… ( עוד...

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ADXbear 1
I can't believe there is that much stupid money out there to justify the hugh costs of a one way ticket, in a market where billions have been sent to the desert.
Fred Broussard 1
I'd love a seat on a supersonic aircraft! That said, Virgin Galactic's problems fielding a working "spaceship" point to the challenges that face Boom's efforts. First, Boom's first flight test aircraft is more a technology demonstrator than a production model. Tech demonstrator is fine, but this demo aircraft will be different enough from the Boom revenue-producing aircraft version that the cost, performance, schedule, and technology risks from this tech demo aircraft will have to be identified and tested all over again in the revenue-producing version of the aircraft. Second, the Company known as Boom has no track record of delivering a production airplane on time and on schedule. So it's not clear that the team has a handle on how to solve the challenges of supersonic flight for the amount of money or the timeframe they are predicting.
linbb -2
Ya gotta be kidding for this to work out any better than the only one put into service with all the newer rules in place.

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