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Delta 717 slides-off PIT runway

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There were no injuries after Delta flight 2231 with 77 people on board went off the pavement, on February 10, 2021. ( עוד...

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Sean Sims 3
Not covered in the article is that the jet stopped just short of a rather deep ditch off of taxiway F at the turn to 10R. The slide behind the tail cone was deployed then deflated so they could use the air stairs instead.
Paul Miller 2
The report tells us that it took HOURS to get ALL the passengers off of this Boeing 717 and that the Emergency Slides could NOT be used in THIS emergency due to the Nose Down Position of the Aircraft ? Can someone tell me then please... IF that's the case then where is this 90 Second evacuation rule that the FAA put into place for this and other types of large Passenger Aircraft !!!!
Lee Withers 1
This was not a life threatening situation so no need to go into panic mode.
Jasper Buck 0
"where is this 90 Second rule"

Right where it's always been. Title 14 CFR 25.803(c).

(a) Each crew and passenger area must have emergency means to allow rapid evacuation in crash landings, with the landing gear extended as well as with the landing gear retracted, considering the possibility of the airplane being on fire.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) For airplanes having a seating capacity of more than 44 passengers, it must be shown that the maximum seating capacity, including the number of crewmembers required by the operating rules for which certification is requested, can be evacuated from the airplane to the ground under simulated emergency conditions within 90 seconds.

Since this incident didn't involve a "crash landing" the PIC must have determined that there was a better way to get folks off the airplane rather than deploying all the slides.


Capt J Buck

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Paul Miller 1
Thank You Capt, I wish I had more smart's ha ha ha, but like they say, The ONLY stupid question is the one that you DON'T ask !!!!
I guess we should all be thankful there wasn't a life threatening emergency! The PIC could not have determined a faster way to deplane, therefore .....
Yahoo "News"??? This must have been the only story they haven't blamed on the former President. I wouldn't consider Yahoo as a source for news! For opinion, yes! There. Go ahead and get mad!

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