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Ted Lumpkin Jr., a Tuskegee Airman, Dies at 100

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Mr. Lumpkin, one of the oldest surviving Tuskegee Airmen, died on Dec. 26 at a hospital in Los Angeles, just a few days before his 101st birthday. He died of complications of Covid-19. ( עוד...

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Paul Radley 14
What a wonderful sad story. These airmen did such a fantastic job back in the second war war and then totally disrespected afterwards. They need to be remembered and respected!
Tom Bruce 6
all the good ones going... born 1928? joined with parents consent at age 17 in 1945? You'd be 92 now...
Just about the youngest you could be and be a WW2 vet.. not many left... Korea vets next...the me..Viet Vet 1968...age 74
Dave Mathes 5 with the angels my brother...
franklinokolo 3
RIP brother. You're flying with the angels now on cherubic wings.
Etienne Daniels 2
R.I.P. Sir. Respect
lecompte2 2
RIP brother pilot
Amazing men. God Bless.
Charles Linenfelser 2
So sad to live so long to be taken by covid. Thanks for your service may you receive your justs rewards by our creator.
skylab72 1
RIP brother in arms.
Blake Van 1
God's Speed Pilot Buddy..
Wendy Henderson 1
Harry Venison 1
RIP Ted Lumpkin, you served your country well.
Florian Badura 1
May the Lord Almighty have mercy on him, forgive him his sins, and welcome him into Paradise. Rest in Peace so long after a job well done!!!

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