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Premature Cracks Found in Qatar A350 Fuselage

The 4.3 years old Airbus A350-900 suffered some irregularities on the surface coating. The aircraft (reg. A7-ALL, MSN 036) was supposed to be painted in FIFA World Cup 2022 livery at IAC Shannon. ( More...

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patrick baker 3
dsavit 5
Nowhere in the article does it say 'premature cracks'. Misleading header.
Kris Durbin 1
The author changed the headline after I posted the squawk. The headline here is a copy/paste from the original article.
ADXbear 4
If it's not structural, then this isnt a story..
linbb 3
So the primer coat cracked oh well learn how to apply paint then. Too bad the whole thing could not be deleated on here.
WeatherWise 1
Yeah, 'cause you've got all the answers, right moron?
Jeremy Watson 1
Flight Aware, you have the wrong title on this article. It's a paint job malfunction.


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