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Hawaiian Airlines Begins Ticket Sales for Nonstop Service Between Honolulu and Austin, Ontario and Orlando

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Hawaiian Airlines is bringing Hawai‘i closer to three more U.S. mainland cities: Austin, Texas; Ontario, Calif.; and Orlando, Fla. Travelers will be able to enjoy the carrier’s award-winning hospitality onboard nonstop flights from those airports to Honolulu beginning next year. Hawai‘i’s hometown airline will also expand service at Long Beach (LGB) with daily nonstop flights to Kahului, Maui (OGG), starting March 9. “We are delighted to bring our superior value proposition to travelers visiting… ( עוד...

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Brian Hankey 4
Austin beat out Houston and Dallas to get the honors of being the first in the Lone Star State to get service by HNA.
Reno Luna 13
Houston and Dallas don’t fit their strategy, there is already established routes with carriers who have over 80% market share.
mary susan watkins 3
houston has (or had) non stop service to the hawaiian islands (Honolulu,hilo,maui) with united airlines..american has (or had) service via dfw ,then non stop from there out of houston..dfw has (or had) other service to the islands..austin is a good choice for a lot of reasons,and we can only hope with the vaccinations coming forth and people actually wearing masks etcetera,the islands will be able to spring back to their history of being a great vacation/tourist spot...
John D 3
AUS is my local airport. Sent this blurb to my missus. Long ride, but beats layovers in LAX, SFO or SAN any day.
ed lang 5
Great airline - great people, love the A330 service. I've flown them JFK/HNL many times - their first class svc is great. Wondering though, it looks like they plan to keep the inbound aircraft idle in MCO for a full day after arrival from HNL. Is this normal? All their other destinations the plane turns around within 2-3 hours.
Peter Fuller 3
Full-day layover should be enough rest time for the same crew that flew it in to MCO to fly it back out to HNL. 12-hour layover in AUS and 11h30m layover in ONT might also allow one crew to fly the round trip.

A trip to Hawaii on their BOS/HNL service is on my bucket list
William Monti 1
I hope they will resume JFK-HNL flights.
mdburd 1
MCO might be interesting for me--I have done STT (or SJU) - DFW - HNL on AA already.

Always enjoyed Hawaiian Air out of LAS at ~1am. By the time you got bags and were ready for your trip to the hotel, it was about 730am. I flew both their old 767s on that trip as well as the inaugural flight of the A330.
paul gilpin 1
austin is weird.
John D 2
Reasonably decent airport, though

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