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Watch the World's Last XB-70 Super Bomber Leave Its Hangar

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The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force recently towed the XB-70 Valkyrie bomber out of its hangar. The airplane is in such good condition that it looks like it could fly today. The XB-70 was one of the most ambitious weapon systems of the Cold War, but it was canceled due to development problems and cost. In October, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force needed to perform work on one of its storage hangars, which necessitated moving the world’s only remaining XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic… ( עוד...

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srobak 8
Was completely awestruck when I walked into the hangar at the museum and saw this for the first time. Seeing this bird alone made the whole trip worth it.
Steve Taylor 7
What amazes me, is that many of these pioneering aircraft were designed by the same engineers who designed piston powered planes only 5 or 10 years before. In the UK, Stanley Hooker, who designed the Hawker Hurricane, designed the AV8B/ Harrier, Chadwick, who designed the Lancaster bomber, designed the Avro Vulcan. In the USA Kelly Johnson designed the P38 - and the U2 and SR71.
We stand on giants shoulders.

Jim Ward 4
Like to see those six puppies lit and perform a vertical
Take off full after burners.
stratofan 4
I was always amazed by this wonderful bird. It was really ahead of its' time but, like some many planes of that era, she was tied to a single mission of all out nuclear exchange. Like one of my line chiefs used to tell me, "The Stratofortress is much more capable than anything they try to replace her with. I always felt the B-1 Lancer would put the B-52 into the boneyard, yet she still flies in defense of our nation!
Steve Taylor 6
The grand-daughters of men who flew the planes in the 1960s are flying the same tail numbers. The B52 is probably going to be the first plane to be flying for a century
robin guess 3
The article states that the aircraft is in good condition. Realistically she is far from airworthy condition. A large portion of the honeycomb structure is delaminating. Also a link on the nose gear strut was broken when they had moved her from on hanger to another at the museum. The last time I paid her a visit she was in a hanger inside of the base and you had to be bussed after passing a clearance check.

She was and still is a masterpiece in aeronautical engineering. My best XB-70 moment was when a museum visitor asked where the B-70 was. I told them "you are standing underneath it!!" The cockpit sits nearly 20 feet off the ground and I am 6'4" can walk under the 6 pack without having to stoop.
Mark Kanzler 2
In one of my aero engineering classes, we were each randomly assigned an airplane to research and write a paper about.I got the XB-70 by change. Wasn't excited or disappointed, but really enjoyed learning about it.
Bob Roehrer 1
I missed by a day seeing this bird land from ferry flight to WP, in spring 1970. The buzz that summer was it would fly once more, during the air show (where I got to see Harold Krier for the first and last time). But during the show, no SR71 appeared. The 'freindlies' wouldn't let it fly. And yes, today its in pretty 'un-airworthly' condition. North American engineers led by Kelly Johnson had their last hurrah with this bird.
matt jensen 1
Saw the first one at Wright-Pat. The console and all the instruments had been stripped out.
matt jensen 1
Saw the first one at Wright-Patt. The console and all the instruments had been stripped out.
John Kilcher 0
American Exceptionalism is alive and well. Fuhgeddaboudit.
Erik Poole -1
The headline is misleading, the picture is from the '60s. When do we get to see the XB-70 leave its hanger.
Steve Taylor 2
There's a link, in the article, to here

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