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SHORT FIELD TAKEOFF UNDER STRESS on flooded runway in Ocean City during high tide.

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I was asked by the airport manage if my short field takeoffs are up to par. He then proceeded to warn me that the reason for the question that the runway is halfway flooded due to high tide and that we are the last plane to leave the airport before its closure. ( עוד...

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Paul Miller 2
That's rude Sir ? you DON'T have to look if you have no wish too ? This Pilot's a very neat guy and gives a lot of pleasure to many with his interesting flights.
Benjamin Goldshlager 1
Thank you Paul for watching and your support.
linbb 1
Gave up just saw you and a lady most of the time guess selfies are great but hey you yapping could be left out and pix outside would be better. HO HUM
Benjamin Goldshlager 1
You can't please everyone, however, thank you for watching and your feedback.

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