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Delta CEO says the airline will stop blocking middle seats in the first half of 2021, even though anxious travelers are loving the extra space

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Delta Air Lines will likely end its strategy of blocking middle seats in the first half of 2021, CEO Ed Bastian said during the company's third-quarter earnings call. "Consumer sentiment and confidence in air travel" will determine when the policy is discontinued. Middle seats are currently blocked until at least January 6, 2021, with Delta blocking seats longer than any airline currently. Travelers are willing to pay up to 17% more to fly on airlines that block middle seats,… ( עוד...

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MSU Sparty 6
Bummer. Delta has handled this far better than any airline by a mile. Their customer service plus the middle seat blocked solidified Delta. I only fly them and they have been fantastic. Come on Delta keep the middle seat blocked a little longer.
Larry Horton 5
I am sorry to be negative here but airlines need to remember passengers were not happy with them before this and taxpayer money kept them afloat and I am sure there won't be any repayment. With cramped seats and fees until you bled it is time for a passenger revolt. By the middle of next year all that will be back. They had completely forgotten customer service it is time for them to relearn it.
mary susan watkins 2
well...we knew the standard of safety would change soon because the airlines are in need of money and passengers...i do hope they are still doing thorough cleaning and sanitizing however,or else give each passenger boarding sanitary wipes or a small can of lysol!!
Jesse Carroll 1
Great, back to over stuffing any airplane as a passenger! They didn't have enough plane capacity before virus and now going back to "Cattle Call" booking sucks!
Jaime Terrassa 1
I just hope the virus is over by they time they decided to do this.
Robert McBride -1
Screw Delta, they won’t have me as a pax anytime soon.

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