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US Government Rejects Chinese Airlines’ Request for Additional Flights

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The U.S. Department of Transportation rejected a request by Chinese airlines for additional flights between the two countries. ( עוד...

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Tom Pera 3
good... when they reciprocate then maybe OK
Dale Ballok 3
At this point, I wouldn’t agree to give them anything!
They sure screwed our country up by not reporting the virus earlier!
Fred Heasley 1
Dale, the only person that screwed up your country lives in the White House, he didn’t even take the advice of his Chief Medical Officer. The only thing he thinks of is himself. The aviation industry seemed to have nothing to do with the spread at the beginning but it does now.
Tom Pera 1
and so did Clinton, Bush, and Obama... they're all corrupt... and..t was the aviation industry/airlines that led to world wide spread...
Dale Ballok 1
You read my mind...well stated!
OF COURSE it was Trump’s fault!
‘nuff said.

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