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Spirit Airlines employees battered in attack over delayed flight

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On July 15, Spirit Airlines employees got into a fight at a south Florida airport. ( עוד...

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KatzyBaby 9
Permanent, global, no-fly list.
Jim Allen 17
Civility/common courtesy is dying... matters not the color of your skin. It’s a sad commentary on society even though only It’s only a small fraction of people.If you don’t like the policies of a carrier, don’t patronize them. I’ve chosen never to fly AA or United again because of bad experiences. It’s like TSA- almost every time I get pulled for a hand search because I set off the body scanner. I expect it, I request it in advance because I know it will happen and they still put me through the scanner and I get pulled out anyway. If I expect to get from Point A to Point B I have to abide by the rules.
Gary Ondrey 21
Low life trash ! I hope they spend a good long time in jail for this disgusting, but typical behavior. Also hope that they get on a permanent no-fly list. Not one of their sorry butts should ever be allowed on a plane again. Let them take a bus from now on.
mary susan watkins 16
this episode was on the nightly news when it was just awful and my heart went out to the airline employee,both of whom were injured...the video shows two or three young african american women,throwing things and literally attacking two spirit airlines agents...the story told is that the three young women were angry that their flight was delayed..all i can say is my attack someone who is working because your flight is delayed? in my experience,most people who are angry attack verbally,but not physically,and in this incident it was 3 women versus 2 agents..they were arrested and rightfully so!!

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Dave Labarthe 10
We all imagine why the two comments were deleted...
silverio califano 10
Spirit isn't the greatest, but this reflects the trash that fly's the skies! Just like most things today, if you don't like something, just cause a riot. It's a good thing they didn't have spray paint to graffiti things up!
paul gilpin 7
don't give them any ideas.
Richard Loven 2
Even the people in the bad part of town know enough to not rob or hurt the taxi driver. It is there only way to get around.
AviatorLEO 2
No such luck here at FLL ... they rob cab drivers, too.
Bill Fox 6
OMG 3 Karen's in sync, yikes
Linda Stone 3
Um, no. Not “Karens”.
A Karen would demand to speak to their boss.
bdarnell 2
You might want to Google “Karen origin”

[This comment was deleted.]

Jason willnotshare 4
This is what happens when anyone can fly for $49. Anyone remember when you would get dressed up for an airplane ride? Once upon a time back in the 1970s, flying was a big deal. You should never be able to buy an airline ticket cheaper than taking the bus!
srobak 3
Spirit is the Greyhound of the skies
Peter McGrath 11
It doesn't matter if you like Spirit or hate them, no employee of ANY company deserves to be treated like the Spirit employees were. You don't want to wait once in a while - then take the Bus!

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Tommy Boy 1
I've only flown Spirit once (that was enough) and I've always had sympathy for their employees. Spirit's "screw you" attitude puts their employees at risk for abuse when their customers are constantly assaulted by delayed flights, cancelled flights, no plane available for scheduled flights, and lost luggage. They never give any considerations, vouchers, or money back for missed connections or cancelled flights.

This doesn't excuse the actions of the girls, but in case they haven't noticed, it pisses people off.

I can hear the announcement now: "This flight has been delayed again for an undisclosed length of time for no reason in particular, that we know of. If you wish to discuss this further, wander around the airport until you find someone who gives a sh!t about you. Have a nice day!"
alan75035 1
When I first saw the teaser for this story on the evening news, I thought to myself..."must be Spirit".
Dan Larson 1
But why are we calling all these women “Karen”? I’ve known several Karen’s who wouldn’t dream of such behavior. Unfair to nice people!
Linda Stone 1
They’re definitely not “Karens”. For several reasons.
bdarnell 1
Google “Karen origin”
Tommy Boy 1
It is unfair.
I know a few Susans that are NOT lazy.
Also, I have NEVER peeped. Not even once.
Dave Hahn 0
Apparently FB controls this site

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